Working at Foursum

Golf is evolving, it's time for the game to grow like never before. It's no longer just a game for old dudes in argyle socks. We love seeing a toddler on YouTube swing a plastic club, showing off their hand-eye coordination; 7 year olds getting ready to play their first 9 holes; junior golfers chasing the dream of making it on tour; CEOs closing multi-million dollar deals on a course; A foursome out having fun and looking forward to the 19th hole; or Arnold Palmer still showing us all up at over 80 years old.

Golf, recreationally or competitively, is all about one thing – people, and so are we.

Open Positions

Who we are

We're tech guys (and girls!), who are passionate about golf. Above all else, we care about user experience. Everything we do is to help make the golfing experience more social and rewarding.

Foursum was founded in early 2012 by Matt Eldridge, Adam MacDonald and Louis Melanson with the belief that they could build golfers something that is more than just an awesome scorecard app, but a social platform to help users immerse themselves in their pastime, sport or lifestyle - Golf.

What it's like at Foursum

At our 'Clubhouse', we all work together around one massive table for the most part. We think it facilitates communication and keeps things moving quickly. Want to go off and work in one of our peel off rooms, need a nap, want to go hit up Crossfit, or bang out 9 holes? Go for it.

We don't believe in the standard 9 to 5.

Don't live in Moncton? We also fly in our remote workers for high-fives.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for someone who fits our culture. We're friendly, relaxed and been known to have some fun. We strive to only pick rockstars / A-players, who work smart (not just hard), believe in teamwork & aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. We’ve created an efficient & well-planned development environment where you can operate to your full potential and pride yourself in your work. A place where your colleagues are your biggest fans.

Final Comments

We're a young company, in every sense of the word, but salaries don’t reflect that. People is not where we cut costs. You also get 3 weeks vacation and you will receive equity so that you're in a good position to enjoy Foursum's future success.