7 Reasons To Play A Solo Round

Most days, you’re longing to hit the links with your usual foursome. Once in awhile, though, it might be beneficial to head to the course solo. It’s a chance to unwind, get some fresh air, and play at your own pace, allowing you to really focus on improving your game.

Still not convinced? Check out all these reasons why you should try playing solo:

1. Play At Your Own Pace

You can focus in on your own game, and practice the things that need the practice, without worrying about slowing others down. A lot of golfers tend to play fast when they’re with others, so a solo round lets you play at your natural pace and rhythm.

2. Avoid Annoying Players

Reduce the distractions to your game by avoiding all the distractions of playing with others. We humans are social creatures, so we tend to gravitate towards groups, and allow the others around us to influence us (remember peer pressure?) But out on the golf course, being influenced by others could lead to poorer play. So cut out the loud talker, the golfer that always places his marker closer to the hole than the ball really was, and the people with short fuses who blow up at every bad swing and see if you notice your game improve.

3. Put All Of Your Focus On You And Your Game

As we’ve discussed before, focus is a limited resource. Solo rounds let you focus it entirely on you and your game, without the distractions. You can enter a state of golf “zen” as you listen to the sound of your club as it slices the air on your drive. Feel serenity as you walk purposefully down the fairway to your ball. Playing a solo round allows you to take in all of these sensations as you play.

4. Play on YOUR Schedule

Not everyone works regular, daytime hours, so playing a solo round when you have time is just perfect. Shift workers can squeeze in a round in before work when there are fewer players on the course. You might even have the course to yourself.

5. Every Now And Then Solitude Is Good For You

It’s true, there are many psychological benefits associated with solitude, so embrace them with a solo round. Like we mentioned before, humans are social creatures but sometimes a little alone time is just the thing to calm the mind. As Ferris Bueller famously said in his movie, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” We’d like to think he was suggesting a few rounds of quiet golfing.

6. Helps You Play Better

You’ll probably notice some improvements in your game when you play a solo round. That’s because by playing solo you’re able to challenge your game. You can practice the shots that give you trouble, without the pressure of holding up your foursome. Try a few bunker shots, or those long putts that you always seem to miss.

7. Expand Your Golf Circle

Remember, a solo round doesn’t necessarily mean you have to golf alone, you’re just not golfing with your regular group. Playing with the same partners can put you in a golf rut. Always playing in the same order or riding with the same partner in the cart can get unchallenging.

Playing solo, on the other hand, makes it easier to meet some new people and get some invitations to new foursomes, giving you an opportunity to perhaps play differently than you were used to.

Maybe the next time I hit the course, I might just do it solo. It’s always good to change things up with my weekly game, and I might just learn something new.

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