Authentic Green Jacket Hits Auction Site

If you’re part of a golf club that celebrates tournaments and traditions, then you likely have a funky trophy in the trophy case that is earned only by hard fought battle on the course (and in the bar) during a weekend of hung-over golf, old jokes and embellished stories.         (KB – So a polar bear walks into a bar…)

At Fox Creek Golf Club, our local field-of-battle, we gather for an annual Ryder Cup format tournament that spans over four rounds of golf, Gin… and Tonics, camaraderie and celebration to crown the winning team with a trophy, and the “Most Social Player” with the Bernie Jacket. Named after a founding member who has left us, the jacket embodies memories of his energy and passion for the social aspect of the game which we dearly cherish and uphold.

In recent news, another, more recognizable, jacket has surfaced and is being auctioned off at In 1994, an official Masters Green Jacket surfaced in a consignment shop in Toronto and an avid golfer picked it up for $5.00 (Canadian!). The jacket has been confirmed as authentic by Augusta National and the internal tagging from Cullum’s department store indicates that it’s from the early 1950s. The name was cut out so whether it was owned by a past champion or a member is unclear. The current high-bid is at $10,717 but is expected to fetch $50, 000.

Place your bids folks, this would look great on your back after a hard-earned weekend of 5-foot “good-goods?” and late night karaoke…caution the spilly-talkers (JL)!

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