Bryson’s Putter Battle

Join us as we walk a fine line…

In the never-ending search for lower scores, pros and amateurs alike sometimes go to unconventional lengths to simplify the game of golf. As the most important facet of the game, putting gets the lions share of tweaking and tinkering. The claw-grip, the fat-grip, the skinny-grip, the short-putter, the long-putter and the belly-putter all come to mind, and those just scratch the surface.

Apparently, Bryson DeChambeau’s 2017 New Year’s resolution included a side-saddle stance with a center-shafted putter, that would remind you more of a croquet mallet than a flat-stick. (See video below as that last sentence confused its own author)

On January 18th, after a two-week review of DeChambeau’s putter and putting style, the USGA informed him that his, much talked about, putter was “non-conforming”. Although they gave him a “duration of competition” clause that would have permitted him to finish the Career Builder Challenge with it, he opted for the conforming back-shafted version to shoot 70-72-71 and miss the cut. Not saying that there’s a correlation… but if ever he needed an excuse… la voici.

 After Bryson submitted the putter to the USGA on Jan 4th, why would they take two weeks to let him know it’s banned the day before an event? Such a widely spoken and unconventional setup should be top of the pile. Although all reasons are kept confidential, we’re also curious why the center-shafted putter is quoted as “potentially taking the skill out of the game”. I’m sure, World Croquet Champion, Stephen Mulliner would have something to say about that.

Straying from the norm has been DeChambeau’s strong-suit since his birth on Tour. From one single-length for all irons, to floating his golf balls in Epsom salts when choosing the ones for game-day, to mathematical equations for reading greens, he likes taking a different look at the game. “Anything that helps shoot lower scores or makes golf more fun and grows the game, that’s what I’m all about.”

We love where your head is at Bryson. Best of luck this week(end) at The Farmers!

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