Caddy Filed Lawsuit for Golf Cart Crash

News broke recently that 39-year-old Alicia McFadden was caddying at the Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club’s Bull Rush tournament in August 2015 when she suffered injuries in a golf cart accident.

Reportedly, McFadden was riding on the back of the cart (a no-no but we all do it) driven by David Harbour. In the passenger seat was Tim Mickelson, then the head golf coach of Arizona State University and Phil’s brother.

The caddy claims that the men were inebriated and shirtless (a no-no but we all do it…right?) when Harbour’s reckless driving caused a crash and serious injuries to McFadden.

Gozzer Ranch attorneys claim that there is no evidence that Harbour was intoxicated.

Remember to use common sense and caution next time you’re out on a tarps-optional rip, folks!

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