Erin Hills Promises a Lengthy Challenge

We’ve discussed the beauty or Erin Hills, the host of this year’s US Open, but the challenge is what will get people talking. At 7800 yards, and potentially longer based on setup, the course will be a lengthy test for the players who have, for the most part, never had the opportunity to play it.

Sprawling across 652 acres of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine, this place was built for the US Open. It’s vast land could easily seat 100 000 spectators in it’s arena so the 35 000 attendees will have some leg room while watching the guys tame the beast.

Recent US Open qualifier, Steve Stricker, played Erin Hills 5 years ago and explained just how long the course can play.

“They used to have a tournament [from the tips], I never played in the tournament, but I wanted to play it all the way from the back,” Stricker remembered. “I played nine holes and that was it. This was four or five years ago when I was younger. I hit some sort of utility club or fairway wood into four of the nine holes I played.”

Most guys are trying to get out and play the course a couple times before the Open which changes they’re usual pre-tournament routine from swing-focus to course-focus.

Brendt Snedeker, following this routine, says that the long practice rounds are “energy vampires” that drain you mentally and physically. On a course this length the effects will be amplified.

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