Golf School: Balance, Tempo and Tension Skills

Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson from Vision 54 are the leaders in a new kind of golf instruction that focuses on what happens ON the golf course and supports it’s players to manage the variability of playing the game. They believe golf is about more than just the grip, the stance and the swing. They believe in coaching that target the complete golfer – the whole person.

In a recent Golf Digest interview they talk about focusing on your balance, tempo and tension skills to tap into your peak athletic ability no matter how you feel on the course.

They suggest a nine-hole drill that will get you more in tune with how your body and mind work together to unlock your peak performance. Each hole you are to focus on one of the nine drills listed below which will allow you to better adjust to all of the changing elements during a round of golf and to perform when it matters most.


1.) BALANCE: Hit full shots with your feet together, and chip and putt while standing on one leg. Finish each shot in balance.

2.) TEMPO: Make every swing (including putts) 50 percent slower than your normal tempo.

3.) TENSION: Think only about keeping your shoulders soft and loose during each stroke.

4.) FINISH: When you complete every swing, hold your finish for three seconds.

5.) PACE: Hit shots at 75 percent of your normal tempo.

6.) GRIP: For each swing, hold onto the club with consistent pressure.

7.) AWARENESS: Go through your normal pre-shot routine, but swing with your eyes closed.

8.) REHEARSAL: Don’t hit any real shots until you first make a one-legged practice swing in balance.

9.) ATTITUDE: Play every shot with a smile on your face from the beginning of your routine to your finish. Keep tension out of your jaw.

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