Golf School: Butch Harmon on Grooving your Driver

We rarely discuss driver tips because of the old “drive for show” mentality but the reality is that you need to hit fairways to play your best … and/or to enjoy playing more.

Missing knee-knockers is tough on the head but there’s nothing more frustrating than struggling off the tee for 18 holes.

In a recent Golf Digest article, Butch Harmon discusses the “swing harder for greater distance” theory. By trying to gain more club head speed we sacrifice solid contact with the ball and by doing so we lose both distance and accuracy. Players should focus on a steady rhythm that allows them to produce speed without giving up good contact.

‘Think about when you hit a bunch of drivers in a row on the range. You get into a good groove. Why? First, you’re not reacting to all the obstacles you see on the course. Second, you don’t have mechanical thoughts—you’re just swinging. That’s what you need to do when you play.”

A great tip to work on grooving your swing on the range is to tee three balls up in line and hit them in succession. By doing this you’ll create a rhythm and flow that you should internalize to translate that feeling onto the course. This will help you find the middle of the clubface and the middle of the fairway.

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