Golf School: How to Hit More Greens With Lower Risk

Most of us hit our approach shots high into the green as we inevitably use our higher lofted clubs when hitting into them. These shots are much higher risk than lower, more controlled approaches.

In a recent Golf Digest article with Jon Rahm, he discusses how he uses a three-quarter swing to hit more greens at a lower trajectory.

“I made a point of incorporating a three-quarter shot into my game. Unless the wind is really strong, the longest club I use this shot with is a 7-iron, simply because the ball tends to fly too low using anything longer. The adjustments I make for this sensible shot are pretty simple. I put the ball back in my stance slightly, and make a shorter backswing with less wrist cock. To prevent a steep path that can shoot the ball too low, I make sure to rotate my body away from the target enough to shallow the angle of attack. You also can see here that I’ve turned through fully, but my finish with the club looks a little shorter than normal. This is a position to copy to flight the ball lower. Also keep in mind that the ball is not going to fly as far. For me, it’s about 10 yards less than if I made a full swing with the same club.”

These lower approaches should help you avoid the big numbers as you’ll keep the ball on a straighter line and below any troublesome wind. Rahm also discusses an old quote from one of the game’s legends.

“I recently heard that Lee Trevino used to say, “Hit the ball only as high as you need to.” Now I have a better idea of what he meant.”

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