Golf School: Justin Thomas on Making Your Worst Putting Days Better

After his latest win at The CJ Cup @ Nine Bridges and his incredible season that netted him a Major and Player of the Year, we can all agree that Justin Thomas is doing something right on the greens.

In a recent Golf Digest interview, Thomas chats about how he makes his worst putting days better to avoid the streakiness that once plagued his flat stick.


  1. “When I practice, I put a mirror on the green with a line on it and put a ball on that line. Then I stand over the ball and make sure my eyes also are on that line with my left eye over the ball. I’m left-eye dominant. Having your eye line correct is going to make you a lot more accurate. I also check that the putter face is square to that line and my posture and body alignment are consistent. Finally, I pay attention to my feet.”


  1. “My pre-putt routine is shorter. I no longer take a practice stroke. I just step in and go before doubt can set in. I also have a shorter stroke. It’s the same on both sides of the ball, but the overall length is shorter because it’s easier to control. I mentioned my feet, because it’s important to feel as stable as possible in your lower body when you hit a putt. I want my feet gripping the ground, so my body doesn’t drift when I make a stroke.”


  1. “I worked hard on putts over 10 feet. Making ones from long range, or at least getting them a lot closer to the hole, is going to make you a better player. One way to do that is randomize your practice. Keep changing the distance you hit putts, with a focus on speed control. Success at any level comes from not taking this part of the game for granted.”


The guy can even putt with a wedge! Stymie anyone?


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