Golf School: Make the Make-able Putts

Let’s dive into a mental concept that most golfers can relate to. So, you’re standing over a 15-foot birdie putt, you’re grateful for the opportunity to be in the position, love that you have a chance at it but are pretty sure you’ll at least make par. No sweat. The expectation is set.

Now imagine that you stick your approach to 3 feet, you’re walking up and realize that you’re in the no-gimme-zone and that it’s not short enough to walk up and tap it in before pulling out the pin. You mark it. You wait for all of the others to finish and now it’s your turn to “finish up”. You place the ball down… you’re expected to make this. Now what?

We’ve all missed the ones that we should have made. You think back after our round and realize that, had you made it, you would have broken 100, 90, 80 or par.

Several players on tour are making ALL of these putts. Ryan Palmer had an 829 three-foot putting streak. David Leadbetter said in a recent Golf Digest issue that they don’t miss often because they stick to their fundamental routine. So here’s a trick to make more of these and save the strokes you should save.

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