Golf School: The Putting Drill That Won Speith The Open

Recent winner of the 2017 British Open, Jordan Speith, didn’t have a “tap-in”-day at Royal Birkdale in the final round on Sunday.

Speith battled missed fairways all day that in turn gave him tough approach shots into challenging greens. Notorious for his putting, Speith seemed a little more shaky than usual on the short-grass until he came down the stretch and made a long eagle putt on 15 and a long birdie putt on 16 to take the lead and win the tournament.

Speith’s coach, Cameron McCormick, explains a putting drill that clearly played a role in Speith making his long pressure putts coming down the final holes at Royal Birkdale.

“I have Jordan find two holes that are a good distance apart, maybe 40 feet. He places a club or stick 3 feet past the back edge of both holes. This is the safety zone that all putts must finish in (if they don’t go in the hole). He starts the drill by putting 10 feet from one hole, which means he has a 30-foot putt to the second hole in this example.

Jordan putts 3 balls to the 10-foot hole and if all 3 balls stop within the safety zone, he then putts 3 balls toward the 30-foot hole. If all 3 balls stop within the safety zone, he will now move his starting point 3 feet closer to the long hole and repeat the same process. So now the short target is 13 feet in distance and the long target is 27 feet. He’ll continue this process until he reaches the 10-foot distance on the original long target, 30-foot putt.”

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