Golf School: Save Par From the Fairway Bunker

Does anyone know how to hit a fairway bunker shot? Like, really know what they’re doing? I was hoping that everyone was like me and took the “swing and pray” approach that, in an ideal situation, catches the ball clean and clears the lip. Well, apparently there’s a more trusted way of doing it and we’re here to share it with you.

Guy Yocom shares his method in a recent Golf Digest article that simplifies the shot and assures you get it out of the bunker and somewhere near the dance floor.

  • Make sure you club-up. With a shorter swing and with your feet shifting in the sand you will need more club to make it to your target.
  • Position the ball in your stance as you would from the fairway.
  • Open your stance. This will give you a steeper angle of approach (outside-to-in) and a quite lower body
  • Assure a full shoulder turn for enough power
  • Accelerate through impact
  • Let the club do the work

Your open stance should assure your stability that allows you to take a swing at the ball but be sure not to torque the feet. Losing your footing makes this shot nearly impossible.

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