Golf School: A Simple Training-Aid for Better Impact

We can all agree that golfers are special people and there’s no better indicator than watching “that-guy” on the range surrounded by Alignment Sticks, standing on one foot with one eye closed, taking swing-after-swing while wearing a strait-jacket swing-aid. His poor wife is likely standing behind him filming what, to the laymen, could look like a David Blaine magic trick but is in fact a golfer trying to figure this hell-of-a-game out.

In an effort to rid “that-guy” of his quotation marks, here’s a simple training-aid that can help keep you on-plane and off of the blooper-reel.

In a Golf Digest interview, Rory McIlroy revealed a simple swing-aid that he and several Tour pros use on the range. Simply tucking a golf glove, head-cover or towel under your front arm while taking a swing can assure that it stays connected to the chest on the backswing. By doing so, you will assure that your arms and body move together in the back swing and you’ll be hitting the ball more solidly.

If this does nothing but allow you to hit the ball on the sweet-spot more often, then you will see a huge improvement in your game.

*Alignment sticks are cool… use in moderation.

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