Golf School: Vegas’ Iron Game Lead to His Win

Jhonattan Vegas played some impressive golf over the weekend that let him defend his title at the RBC Canadian Open and it can be attributed to his strong iron play.

Golf Digest and Kentucky teacher Michael Finney broke-down his swing to try and help you with your irons game which will let you hit more green and roll in more birdies.

“Vegas’ attack angle on his short and middle irons is steep — which means he’s coming to the ball on a sharply downward angle. “That will lead to draw-enhancing spin,” says Finney. “He counters this by adjusting the direction of his swing to the left.” The result is hard, high, long shots like the 160-yard pitching wedge he hit to make birdie on the par-3 7th.

If you miss shots to the right, adding some of Vegas’ downward angle with your irons could help you. But if you tend to take big divots and are missing shots left of the green, you might need to make an adjustment. “Weaken your left hand grip very slightly, and adjust your swing direction a bit more to the left,” says Finney. “Try to be ‘sweepier’ with your attack angle. That should straighten things out.”

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