Grayson Murray Takes an Aggressive Approach But Social Media Helps Our Game

Most of us know the feeling of starting a new job in a new company where the ‘clicky’ executives have years of relationships built over project deadlines, business trips and after-work beers. Getting your foot in the door usually demands baby-steps towards trust and respect amongst the higher-ups. Grayson Murray, a rookie on tour since last year, decided to take a different approach in his new “company” we call the PGA Tour.

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Yikes! Pump the brakes big fella! The 150th world ranked player came in a little hot and cooled off by acknowledging that he knows his place on tour and vows that he’ll make a movement.

Now, although we feel he took an aggressive approach we can agree that the players who are active on social media certainly bring an incredible look at what goes on behind the scenes on Tour and that brings much needed attention to the game in a world that social media makes it all possible.

Humanizing the players and their off-course habits (good or bad) allows us to relate to them better and therefore creates that relationship we need to be true fans.

I’m sure the boys will soon forget the Tweet Grayson, but stick to your guns and bring on that movement. The fans look forward to it!

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