The Greenbrier Classic and It’s Underground Bunker

The Tour stops at the Greenbrier Resort to play Old White TPC after flooding devastated the course in 2016, but what lies beneath the course brings us back to a time where wars were in the midst of being fought and freedom wasn’t yet certain.

A recreational destination for the East Coast’s elite back in 1778, the community of White Sulphur Springs build a hotel in 1858 on the Appalachian grounds and then a golf course in 1913.

By allowing the site to double as a Military Hospital in the Civil War and World War 2, the Greenbrier Resort was granted a special task to house the House Leader in the case of a nuclear holocaust.

In 1959, the code name “Project Greek Island” was given to the creation of the underground workstation that had to be covered up by an additional wing added to the Greenbrier as well as a 9-hole golf course that hid the construction.

Sitting under the course, the shelter could house up to 1,000 people. Some of the bunker’s features included two auditoriums (one for Senate sessions, the other for the House of Representatives), a medical facility, kitchens, living quarters and a media/broadcast room. For safety and protection purposes, the cellar was reinforced with concrete walls.

To manage the property there was a fake company named “Forsythe Associates” that was said to “manage TV and electronics” for the resort.

Fortunately the underground bunker was not needed during the 30 years that it was active and when the Washington Post wrote an article revealing it’s secret it was derestricted by the US Government and the lease was broken with the Greenbrier in 1995.

Let’s keep this in mind as we watch the world’s best play on top of the resort’s historical past.




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