Hideki’s Swing Sequence: Unique and Flawless

The Japan native just sealed his fifth victory on Tour and surpassed Jordan Speith for the #1 spot in the Fed Ex Cup Standings. This couldn’t have been possible without a bulletproof swing that stays consistant throughout tournaments and especially down the stretch.

Golf Digest’s Rob Akins took a closer look at his frame-by-frame swing-sequence and highlight the key components of Matsu’s swing-path.


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Athletic Start

His setup is near perfect, teacher Rob Akins says. “One thing, though: His right foot is turned a little inward. When most golfers do that, they tend to sway going back. He doesn’t sway, but I’ve noticed that the foot restriction can cause him to spin out on the downswing. I’d recommend he flare it out a little.”


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Coiling Action

If you look at his backswing, you’ll see his hips stay centered over his legs the entire time, Akins says. “That means he’s really winding up, not just turning back.” Another power move, Akins says, is that the length of his left arm remains constant and long all the way to the top. “It makes for a very wide swing arc.”


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Pause and Go

Matsuyama makes a distinct pause before starting down. “I’m working on my tempo and trying not to get too fast with my backswing,” he says. Akins is more impressed with his lower-body action. “He keeps his right knee flexed all the way to the top. If you straighten that leg, you’ll make a reverse pivot.”


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Left Side Down

Halfway down, he maintains a wide swing arc while lagging the clubhead behind his hands, Akins says. “That’s how you generate and store power for the hit.” Akins also likes how long Matsuyama keeps his left shoulder lower than his right as he swings down. “You can’t get the club stuck behind you if you do that.”


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Fire That Catapult

The shaft springs into the ball like a catapult, because he doesn’t let his wrists flip through, Akins says. Also notice his turned-away head position at impact. “That tells me he’s left-eye dominant,” Akins says. Adds Matsuyama: “In my first lesson I was told to keep my head down, and I’ve been trying to do that ever since.”


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Fast Forward

Like Rory McIlroy, Matsuyama’s hip turn slows through impact, allowing his arms to whip through the hitting area, Akins says. “If you can learn to do that, you’ll bomb the driver, too.” He also drags his right foot closer to his left as he moves through the ball, which proves that his weight has fully shifted toward the target.


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