Jerry Yang Discusses Technology in Golf at 2017 Innovation Symposium

Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia is hosting this years North American Golf Innovation Symposium where some of golf’s great minds meet to discuss methods of moving our game forward. In a joint effort by the USGA and R&A to continue the growth and sustainability, the two-day conference (March 6-7) is broken into three half-day sessions that include: Elevating the Golfer Experience, Improving Facility Productivity and Serving the Game.

 Amongst several highly experienced individuals in the golf world, Yahoo! Co-Founder, Jerry Yang headlined the symposium and highlighted how, although technology can create challenges in the realm of golf, the game can also benefit from it’s ability to bring the user experience into the 21st century.

Yang highlights that the use of Artificial Intelligence and the popularity of interconnectivity can make golf appeal to more people in the ever-changing environment we live in. Also, how range-finder technology can be incorporated into sunglasses, how a “smart-ball” can track all metrics of your ball’s flight and how brain-wave technology can monitor tremors that he thinks with cure the yips.

All of this technology can be distracting to a game that has such traditional ways but in the end the golfers will determine what catches on by supporting what they like and it will allow organic growth and movement into the present-day.

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