Johnny Miller Cuts-Down Justin Thomas’ Record Breaking Round

Mr. 59, Justin Thomas, decided to tame Erin Hills and shoot 9 under, 63, on Saturday to break Johnny Miller’s record round of -8 at Oakmont in 1973.

Always willing to give his opinion in an encouraging fashion, Miller congratulated Thomas’ round. “Taking nothing away from nine-under par,” Miller told the Golf Channel. “Nine-under is incredible with US Open pressure. But it isn’t a US Open course that I’m familiar with, the way it was set up. It looks like a PGA Tour event course set-up. I’m not sure where the days of the 24 to 29-yard-wide fairways that we played every time went. It’s interesting to see where the USGA has gone with the US Open, being a little more friendly than in years past.”

Oh… after further review, the “congratulations” was more of a backhanded compliment in a “yeah, but mine was tougher” pissing match.

Young guys are out there slinging low rounds and guys like Miller are non-shockingly comparing the technology, the coaching, the lifestyle and now the courses to when they played 40 years ago. Let the game grow!

“Are you kiddin’? When I was your age, I would lug fifty pounds of ice up five, six flights of stairs!” said Al Czervik as D’annunzio complained about the weight of his golf bag.


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So, let’s dance Johnny!

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