Muirfield: Accepting Female Members

Since it’s birth in 1744, Muirfield, home of The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers in Scotland, has held a men-only member policy that was challenged and voted-on in May 2016. The members voted 64% in favor of allowing women members which wasn’t enough to hit the two-thirds needed for a change.

The R&A, upholding a present-day mentality, advised the historic golf club that their course would be taken off of The Open rota if they didn’t change their membership policy. Being a 16-time host of the historic Major, the members decided to have a second vote in 2017.

With much anticipation, the results are in and over 80% of the members voted to allow women members and therefore putting Muirfield back into the British Open rotation.

This leaves us wildly curious what kind of guys occupy the other 20% who felt that the historic boys-club mentality was more important than hosting the world’s oldest major championship, but once again, progress prevails and it looks good on our game.

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