Pat Perez Earns Third Tour Win at CIMB in Malaysia

The Tour’s early-season trip to Asia wasn’t meant for everyone but Pat Perez is happy that he made the long and uncomfortable trip after earning his third career win at the CIMB in Malaysia.

With a four shot lead heading into Sunday’s round, the 40-year-old held off Keegan Bradley to take the tournament and to prove that the normal career arc is not necessarily set in stone.

“I guess I’m a lot different than I was 10 years ago, for sure. I can’t really explain it,” Perez told reporters. “I’ve been working hard on a lot of things, and it’s all kind of come together now.”

Always a unique character on tour, it’s not surprising that Perez took a different path than his colleagues. Playing year-to-year through his 30s, trying to maintain his tour card and break through, Perez found his footing at 40 after accepting a sponsor invite at the Kuala Lumpur. Finishing T-33 and then winning the OHL Classic at Mayakoba gave him the confidence he needed to turn it around.

“I really can’t believe what’s gone on basically really a year from this tournament last year,” Perez said. “But if they hadn’t given me the spot (at CIMB), the funny thing is I don’t know if I would have started the Tour until January. So all those chain of events might not have happened.”

Great having a character-player out there getting wins and competing in the pack!

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