PGA of America to Allow Shorts During Practice Rounds

With the announcement of the proposed set of new rules to be debated over the next year came some more progressive news in the golf world. Shorts will be permitted for practice rounds in all PGA of America events going forward, notably the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, PGA Professional Championship and PGA Championship.

Seems like a big fuss about such a small detail but it took centuries to let caddies wear them during tournaments and we feel that this is one step closer to allowing players to wear shorts in competition.

Yes, due to common professional etiquette, you wouldn’t want your investment banker to be wearing flip flops when you walk in to his office but PGA players are athletes whose profession chases the summer heat and they should be equipped with all tools to defend against it. Certainly staying away from the male/female debate but the LPGA allows players to wear shorts and maintains a proper image. The rule seems outdated for the PGA Tour.

The new rules imposed yesterday by the USGA and R&A follow a logical mentality and allowing shorts in practice rounds follows that same idealism.

Great to see PGA of America understand the need for a change and act on it. Hoping to see others follow suit.

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