Rickie’s Flat Stick: A Cinderella Story

Dad has always told me that “in order to go-low, you have to be making everything under ten feet” … as he rolls them in routinely to remind me who taught who the game.

In Rickie Fowler’s case, the putts within ten feet helped him win the Honda Classic in Palm Beach. The kid made 57 of 57 seven-foot putts at PGA National and went four rounds without a three-putt. On a course that demands a lot just to get into putting position the flat stick was certainly the catalyst to his W.

Rickie said that he’s gained a lot of confidence on the greens since Scottsdale. Sometimes confidence is bred from equipment and in Fowler’s case it certainly has reason to.

In early 2014, he met with Paul Vizanko at the Scotty Cameron Putter Studio to have his stroke analyzed. The high speed cameras caught that Fowler’s upper body and lower body were going in different directions during his follow-through. Vizanko made a trip to the shop’s mezzanine to find a putter head that would suit Rickie’s eye and came back with a dusty box filled with Newport 2 GSS (German Stainless Steel) heads that were reserved for Tiger Woods when he used them before he made the switch to Nike. Cameron stamped “Rickie Fowler” on the back two bumpers, added a silver finish and adjusted it to his specs. Fowler has accumulated three Tour wins since adopting the putter at the Genesis Open in 2014.


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