Snoop Plays 18 and Comments on Golf’s Cool-Factor

Tanqueray Gin teamed up with Snoop Dogg to throw a Masters Party one mile down the road from Augusta National and instead of flying in and flying out the rapper played a round at Augusta Country Club and will be following the Masters as he’s done for years.

Snoop rolled up to the first hole with music turned up, striped his first drive down the fairway with the guidance of LPGA pro, Seema Sadekar, and did a few signature dance move in celebration.

Being a Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods fan, Snoop says that he understands and respects the prestige of The Masters but goes on to explain that it needs to broaden its scope.

“Hopefully I can influence them [the Masters] to invite more people like myself who are cool and who are hip hop and who are about other things and bring some flavor to the Masters and not just let it be quiet.”

We believe that there’s a way to merge both worlds even at a tournament that holds such high standards of historical preservation, and if anyone can do it, its Snoop D. O. Double-G.

Golf, ain’t nothin but a G-thang, Snoop!

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