Speith: A “Savage” and a Class Act

Twitter blew up during Sunday’s British Open finale as Jordan Speith rode a rollercoaster to his Claret Jug win at Royal Birkdale.

Jordan’s buddy and roommate, Daniel Berger, tweeted “Jordan Speith is a Savage” as the 23-year-old battled through the back nine against his steady and seasoned opponent, Matt Kuchar.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 9.31.44 AM

Savagery might describe Speith’s play, but “class” describes his demeanour throughout the day and after his win on Sunday evening. As the young Texan stood with the whole golf world watching, cradling the Claret Jug, Jordan expressed his gratitude towards the fans, his caddy, his coach and his opponent in a speech that proved his place amongst the classiest of players on Tour.

“Matt, I really enjoyed battling with you, buddy,” Spieth said. “Obviously it could have went to either one of us, I got the good breaks today. What a great champion Matt Kuchar is, and what a class act. I took about 20 minutes to play one of my shots today, and Matt took it in stride, smiled and … there’s not many people who would have done that. And it speaks to the man you are, and you set a great example for all of us.”


Take a moment to watch the entire speech at 23:50.

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