Stacey Lewis Donates Her Winnings to Hurricane Harvey Relief

As Houston, Texas struggles to rebuild after hurricane Harvey flooded the city leaving several homeless, the golf world is pitching in to do their part.

Stacey Lewis, who’s been winless in the last three season pledged to donate her winnings at the Cambia Portland Classic to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort. With huge support from fans, Lewis finished with a 20-under par win and donated her $195 000 check to the cause. She said that she had an unusual calmness as she played on Sunday and credits a higher power.

“Just kind of handed over control and said, `Take me, take me to the finish line. Let me know what happens, God,’” Lewis said. “It was just amazing how when you let go of the control like that how great you can play.”

Her incredible play and generous donation caught her sponsors’ attention who helped with the relief. KPMG matched Lewis’ donation and Marathon Patroleum added another $1 million.

Lewis’ family moved to Houston when she was 11 years old and she and her husband bought a house in the city about a year and a half ago. Her and her parent’s home were both spared in the flood but the stories out of Houston moved her.


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