In Support of Tiger

If by chance you have been on a 7-day media-cleanse and are just resurfacing, then we should inform you that Tiger’s back surgery is now old news. We’ve got bigger issues to deal with after the Big Cat was found passed out behind the wheel of his freshly damaged Benz on the side of the road near his home in Jupiter, Florida. A DUI was issued and then tests revealed that there was no alcohol involved and that his prescription meds were the culprit for his impairment.

With the 2009 scandal far behind us, the media has jumped on this story like a tiger on it’s prey, setting Woods’ public image back almost a decade.

As a man who makes his privacy his number one policy, the public humiliation of both events are what hurt the most. Tiger’s likely still battling some demons other than the obvious physical-sorts, so this latest incident will certainly put salt on the wound. What he did was wrong and dangerous but the underlying issues are probably the cause for the reckless behaviour.

Jack Nicklaus said it best when commenting on the situation: “He needs our help”.

Woods has given us the new brand of golf that we have today and we, as players, must stand behind him in support rather that reduce him in scrutiny.

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