“There’s No Gambling at Bushwood Sir…”

Golf Digest’s always entertaining column from the Undercover Tour Pro touched on a subject that we’re all pretty familiar with.

“There is no gambling at Bushwood sir…and I never slice” said Judge Smails to Al Czervik’s wagering offer. Unbeknownst to Smails, there IS indeed gambling at Bushwood and certainly on Tour as well.

The Undercover Tour Pro uncovered how much gambling happens during practice rounds on tournament weeks. “I’d say the majority of groups on a Tuesday or Wednesday have action going. If there’s a standard bet out here, it’s a $100 nassau with partners. You also see a lot of $200 and $300 closeouts. Even if I link up with another single for just a handful of holes, I like to play for something. It’s a way to stay sharp.”

The most interesting fact was the gambling during tournament play. “I’ll gamble on tournament days. If it’s a Friday and everyone in my group is clearly missing the cut, I’ll suggest $100 skins the rest of the way in. Same thing for Sunday morning. If the guy I’m paired with and I are starting in last place or damn near, it’s hard to get motivated. Even if I shoot 65, I move up maybe 10 places. And a solid round like 69 or 70 is going to yield something like $1,500 more in prize money, pre-tax. It might sound illogical, but the glory of taking a few hundo off a colleague becomes more interesting than a potentially slightly larger cut of a purse. Maybe it’s the tactility of cash, rather than the blink of a couple right-hand digits in my bank balance, that gets my blood pumping.

He explains that on any given tournament week there could be up to $10 000 per guy on the line and away from the tour events there’d be up to $50 000 a guy in some of these games.

Thicker skin required here.

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