Two Foursum Golf Members Take-in Augusta

We love getting stories and feedback from our loyal Foursum Golf members because they embody the very passion for golf that gets us up in the morning – to play 9, then hit the office.

A couple good’ol Canadian boys, Denis Bastarache and Phil Michaud received Masters tickets from a buddy of theirs who, on his first lottery attempt, got two Friday Round passes and couldn’t make it. Wildly curious what the guy had going on that he was forced to pass on the tickets but all the better for the Bouctouche, NB natives.

After a 5am alarm, a 2hr drive from Lexington to Augusta and $300 in the merchandise shop, the boys parked their chairs on the 17th tee-box where, in Masters tradition, they tagged their names on them and trusted the crowd to leave them as-is.

Like two kids walking into Disney for the first time, the guys wandered around the course noticing much more elevation that what’s presented on TV. Stopping to observe 20 maintenance guys on one of the greens assuring the pin was placed in the right spot and with the perfect cut and paint-job, they joked with a lone-maintenance crew member who said that the 20 guys are likely discussing last night’s bar-tales rather than the pin location.

A walk through Amen Corner proved to heighten the senses on several notes. The fellas took in the pristine natural beauty of the course that was so perfect it seemed nearly photo-shopped. A run-in with Angie Watson, Bubba’s wife, brought them back to reality as they found themselves understandably giggling like school girls over the 6’4 blonde.

Phil and Denis made their way back to the tough and windy par-3, 4th, where they saw 3 groups all miss the green. As Bubba Watson and Jimmy Walker made their way to the tee-box, a kid asks Walker for his ball if he gets a hole in one – Walker replies: “Sure, tell you what, if I hit the green I’ll give you my ball”.

As the day progressed and the boys marvelled at the course and the talent, they made their way towards the 18th and found a great spot in the landing-zone on the fairway. Jordan Speith’s ball landed right in front of them as they made friends with the other die-hards in their surroundings. Speith walks up to his ball and suddenly stares directly in their direction. The girls in front of them think they’ve caught his eye and start waving frantically. He starts to walk toward them. As Jordan approaches the ropes he calmly asks Denis to get through… the Canadian gentleman lifts up the rope and Speith scurries over to the washroom to relieve the 18th hole nerves and proceeds back to his ball with a couple first bumps en-route. A run-in with a Masters champ to top off an amazing day at Augusta!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us Denis and Phil! Always great to hear our users and fellow golfers share their passion for the game!

Be sure to send this article to your buddy who missed out although we’re sure he’s heard all about it.

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