Snoop Dogg’s Masters Party Gives Tradition a Boost

A slew of events around The Masters have surfaced as non-official parties where celebrities can host their pals and fans around one of the holiest of golf-traditions. With incredible synergies between mainstream media, celebrities, brands and the historic tradition of Augusta National, our game is getting the hype that it deserves.

Tanquerai Gin has launched Augusta Jam featuring Snoop Dogg on April 5th at The Country Club and Dance Hall about a mile from the entrance of Augusta National.

“Augusta Jam is a celebratory musical event held in the city of Augusta, Georgia during the popular Masters Golf Tournament and supports local Augusta community and their charitable initiatives. Augusta Jam merges the musical world of country and hip-hop music, proudly driven to unite cultures and celebrate diversity through golf and music.”

Other events include, John Daly’s Hooters party bus parked in the local Hooters parking lot as well as the frat-favorite Natty Shack party that is being held outside of Augusta’s gate and hosted my Smylie Kaufman.

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