Which PGA Tour Pro Are You?

Have you ever wondered which PGA Tour pro you resemble most? Wonder no more. Whether you tag it like Bubba, putt like Stricker, or dress like Rickie… we’ve got you covered. Which PGA Tour pro are you?

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How do you hit it off the tee?

I bomb it down the middle
I'm long, but squirley
I need to reel it in a bit
She may not be long, but she's straight

What is your favorite movie?

Happy Gilmore
Tin Cup
Greatest Game Ever Played

How do you handle yourself on the greens?

I putt for dough
I get by... or get lucky
I need to work on it
Might as well be blindfolded

Which of these courses tops your bucket list?

Pebble Beach
The Old Course
Bethpage Black

What is your fashion style on the course?

I have no idea what I'm doing

How much of a priority is golfing?

I strictly play on weekends
I've been known to duck out of work
I've forgotten my kids at school on occasion
Sh*t, I'll play on my anniversary

How much time do you spend warming up before your round?

I warm up on the front 9
I like to tag a couple pre-round drives
I like to work my way through the bag
My routine is borderline religious

Which item can you not leave home without?

Laser Finder
Cell phone to keep score
Tips for the cart girls
Booze & cigars